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Northern Arizona University, wayfinding/signage/landscape improvements

Northern Arizona University, wayfinding/signage/landscape improvements

Description of the project

This project for Northern Arizona University consisted of two definable elements:

1. Wayfinding/Signage improvements: Its purpose was to unify the entire campus with consistent, clearly defined signage throughout. This included entry notification signage, traffic directional signage, building signage, public space signage, ped-way signage, accessibility signage and parking signage.

2. Landscape improvements: This element provided a better visual presence and identity for various locations throughout campus-most notably, the entry experience from the McConnell Road exit off northbound I-17. The area was greatly upgraded to better define and announce arrival to campus. This entry to campus is widely considered to be the “front door” to campus and was overdue for a facelift.


Flagstaff, Arizona


Not applicable


$ 4,000,000

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